Thank you for downloading our game! We wish you win a PlayStation.

There are two ways to win PlayStation

  1. Finish the game within two complete play hours.
  2. Finish the game with ‘No Time Limit’. This is a lucky draw approach, you will be included with other players who finished their game in ‘No Time Limit’ category. You will be eligible for the lucky draw only for the month you have finished the game.

User who has finished the game within two complete play hours is also eligible for the lucky draw content, which mean he/she has a chance of winning two PlayStations at one time in the first category.


  • You are free to make IAPs.
  • You should not use ‘Skip Level’ feature. You can reset ‘Skip Level’ feature by in-game store. Your progress will not be wiped out.
  • You can reset Total Time to zero by in-game store. Your progress will be wiped out, which means you will have to start from the beginning.

Once you have cleared all the levels, you will have to send us below screenshots from your game screen to

*Contest is only for North American and Europeans Countries for now.

These screenshots should be sent from your registered email address with the subject 'Tim The Traveler - PlayStation Contest. Attachment should contain total 16 screenshots from your game screen.

  1. Main Menu screen with your email address visible (Screenshot - 1 from above).
  2. Main Menu screen with the time in golden letters (Screenshot -2 from above).
  3. Seven Planets Map screens (Screenshot - 3 and 4 from above).